We are a company dedicated to technological integration, specialized in home automation, inmotics, digital home and automation.

Our services consist of the creation of systems capable of automating a home through the integration of energy management, security, welfare and communication services in the home that allow people to enjoy all the comforts and, in addition, obtain significant energy savings.

In addition, we also incorporate technical management systems to buildings (offices, hotels, hospitals, industrial buildings, etc.) in order to reduce their energy consumption and increase their comfort and safety.

In order to provide services that meet the specific needs of our customers, we work with several systems including KONNEX (KNX), LONWORKS, MODBUS and BACNET among others, leading systems standardized worldwide.

We have KNX PARTHNER, KNX ADVANCED and KNX TUTOR certifications.

In addition, Indótica also provides industrial automation, telecommunications, and technical consulting services.

Our work philosophy is based on the continuous search for quality and excellence in order to provide the best possible service to our customers. For Indótica, diligence is the premise on which our relationship with our clients is based, and the spirit of innovation and improvement is the driving force behind our growth.

Indótica is made up of top-level professionals with experience backed by a large number of successful projects.