Bank Branches Canary Islands

Bank Branches Canary Islands

The Inmotics project of different bank branches in the Canary Islands, located on the island of La Gomera and the island of Tenerife, consists of control of consumption, air conditioning and lighting between them.

Indótica, through the integration of KNX components, enables the central branch office to access each web server installed in the different branches, as well as to monitor the consumption of each of the branches, thus providing valuable information for decision making regarding what happens or what measures to take in the different bank branches to optimize consumption. Likewise, from the head office you will be able to vary the parameters of the different functions of the system of each bank branch.

The installation of twilight detectors on the exterior of the branches optimizes the lighting of the exterior signage and provides control of the lighting, contributing to energy savings. In addition, if there is a malfunction of the ATMs, the system decides to turn off the lighting, blocking the branch door and sending a signal to the central office to correct it.

The air conditioning system is controlled using presence detectors and, at the same time, the temperature of each branch is controlled and monitored from the central office through a web server. These KNX presence detectors integrated in the branches are also intended for possible intrusion in the bank branch, warning of intruders during a pre-programmed time slot in the system.

The system established in each bank branch is capable of detecting anomalous or out-of-hours consumption.

Architecture ABpro Architects


La Gomera and Tenerife

Installations Completed

  • Lighting control
  • Climate control
  • Outdoor signage control
  • Time and attendance control
  • Twilight control
  • ATM control
  • Alarm control
  • Consumption control
  • Load control
  • Time controls
  • Remote control
  • Flood control