Indótica participates in the Architecture and Business Forum

Indótica participates in the Architecture and Business forum held in Puerto de la Cruz on 4 July 2019. Indótica shows solutions in lighting and in the design of automation installations based on the KNX, dali, bacnet, lonworks and modbus standards. The event was attended by prestigious architectural studios and a selection of construction-related companies.

The event was hosted by the Hotel Vallemar, which is located on the seafront in the city of Puerto de la Cruz in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The forum of Architecture and Business consists of creating a relationship between the architecture studios and the participating companies, and to this end it establishes a series of meetings in which the studios can present their projects in order to seek solutions to their construction or any other type of concerns and keep their solutions up to date over time. In the same way, the latest technological advances and construction solutions will be brought up to date.

In this case, the event brought together the 20 best architecture studios on the islands as well as 16 sponsoring companies, including Indótica. Indótica dealt with the control of installations, home automation and the integration of all technologies in homes and buildings.

It should be noted that Indótica was the only natural company on the islands, being located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and with the possibility of covering the island efficiently and quickly.

Indótica works for the design and technological advice in architectural lighting, both indoor and outdoor, and we provide technical solutions to the requirements of architectural studios in the field of lighting, making high-end luminaires at more than reasonable prices and under the specifications of architectural studios.


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