KNX home automation in El Sauzal

KNX home automation in El Sauzal

Domotized housing in the area of Sauzal in Tenerife, Canary Islands. All existing installations have been monitored at the facility. The dali lighting system behaves in automatic mode depending on the outside light and the presence in specific areas of the house. In addition, all dali lighting is controlled by scenes that can be modified by the owner through the mobile application and that are stored in the home’s push buttons so that they can later be called from those buttons.

The installation in the KNX home automation system in El Sauzal has been carried out with the latest technologies in 2019, in accordance with the KNX standard and the standard system for lighting control Dalí.

Within the scenes it is possible to choose different intensities of lighting and/or luminaires to be switched on.

The communication between dali and knx is done through knx-dali gateways. All lighting is dimmable from the cell phone application as well as from the push buttons distributed in the different rooms.

The configuration system is done from the cell phone through the Web server with a simple and intuitive access. As it is a KNX system, the wiring is minimal compared to a conventional installation and the versatility of the installation is total even after completion of the house.

In the outdoor area, lighting has been installed, as well as lighting and filtering of the same, with filtering time activation graphs.

Highlight control of different irrigation zones by schedules and graphs of irrigation periods.

The main water inlet in the house has a control system to determine the period in which there will be water supply or not by means of a timetable.

The entire KNX home in El Sauzal has been equipped with an audio system with Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers.

For more details see the project description at: KNX home automation in El Sauzal

Architecture by Equipo Olivares

Photography by José Ramón Oller

Indótica announces delay of Light + Building to September 2020

Indótica announces delay of Light + Building to September 2020

Light + Building, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting technology and building automation, will take place in Frankfurt am Main from 27 September to 2 October 2020.

Indótica works for the design and technological advice in architectural lighting, both indoor and outdoor, and we provide technical solutions to the requirements of architectural studios in the field of lighting, making high-end luminaires at more than reasonable prices and under the specifications of architectural studios.

We look forward to doing our bit at the fair and to discovering new horizons in the field of lighting, electrical engineering and, of course, building and home automation.

Indótica reports a delay of Light + Building to September 2020, according to the organisers, the reason for the delay is “to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and not to endanger the health of exhibitors and visitors”. We are involved in supporting this decision and, in the same way, we can only give words of support and encouragement to all those affected by this new virus. “Hope is the pillar that supports the world. Hope is the dream of an awakened man.”-Pliny the Elder.