Costa Adeje School Sports Center

Costa Adeje School Sports Center

Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje is a private, coeducational and secular school, founded in 1986, located in the municipality of Adeje, in the area called Fañabé, in the south of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. In which, Indótica has carried out an immotic and self-heating project of a 950 m2 covered pavilion of parquet, where indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, male and female toilets, storage rooms, security system, light and sound controlled by the latest generation of home automation.

For the lighting control of the Polideportivo Colegio Costa Adeje, Dali ( Digital addressable lighting interface), DMX(Digital MultipleX) and PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) platforms have been used. At all lighting points, the light output can be controlled, as well as the switching on and off of the lights.

In the process of controlling the motorized nets that separate the different basketball courts and making use of the wind speed information provided by the weather station included in the project, the nets are folded if the wind gusts exceed the parameters, as a protective measure.

In addition, control of the machine room of the Costa Adeje College Sports Center is carried out, providing status data, pump control, as well as offering the display of warnings in case of any alarm that may occur.

Irrigation control system. The irrigation zones can be assigned schedules for their execution.

The system has a web server and touch screen for the control of the different installed devices.


Adeje, Tenerife

Installations Completed

  • Lighting control
  • Scene control
  • Control of motorized networks
  • Generator set control
  • Intrusion control
  • Fire control
  • Meteorological control
  • Remote control
  • Pump control
  • Time and attendance control