Automation Villa in Residencial Anaga

Automation Villa in Residencial Anaga

Installation of home automation and KNX automation in a villa in the area of Residencial Anaga (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) using the KNX standard.

Automation Chalet in Residencial Anaga has been carried out by means of KNX multipush buttons and touch screens using the same protocol. This allows a multitude of manufacturers that speak this protocol to coexist in the installation, which translates directly into versatility and stability of installations.

Control of all installations. Automatic lighting system based on external light and presence in specific areas. Equipped with the latest technologies in 2010 in accordance with the KNX standard and the dali standard lighting control system.

Also controlled by KNX home automation, all blinds are raised and lowered according to the user’s needs, providing privacy and optimal sun control.

The systems can be controlled from a cell phone, allowing the user to control all functions from anywhere in the world.

Minimal wiring and installation versatility. Automatic reset system in case of mains failure. E-mail alerts in case of power failure.

Architecture by ABpro arquitectos SLP


Residencial Anaga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Installations Completed

  • Lighting installation.
  • Blinds control.
  • Irrigation control.
  • Climate control.
  • Presence simulation.
  • Low Voltage Installations.
  • Automation installations.
  • Telecommunications installations.
  • Installation of presence simulation control.
  • Control of installations via Web
  • Remote control of installations via Web from Iphone and PDA.
  • Multiroom audio system control (different music in each room).
  • Remote and local control of camera system from Iphone and PDA.
  • Lock mastering system combined with high security.
  • Multi-zone alarm system.
  • Load prioritization system.
  • Domestic hot water control.