Villa Campo de Golf Tacoronte

KNX home automation in Tenerife

Villa Campo de Golf Tacoronte.

KNX home automation installation in a villa on the golf course located in the municipality of Tacoronte, located on the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands. The installation of home automation has been done as usual by Indotica using the only worldwide standard in home and building automation. All this has been carried out by means of KNX multipush buttons and touch screens using the same protocol. This allows a multitude of manufacturers that speak this protocol to coexist in the installation, which translates directly into versatility and scalability of installations.

The KNX multipushbuttons in the chalet allow the recording of scenes in themselves, thus making it easier to control the multitude of switch-on and switch-off times in the house. This is very pleasant and avoids those walls full of switches where you have to make a thousand combinations to reach the desired settings.

All blinds are also controlled by KNX home automation, which provide privacy and optimal sun control.

In different points of the house there are push buttons that allow the execution of scenes, within the scenes are present the scenes of welcome or abandonment of the house in which case all the lights are turned off, the exteriors are turned on, the blinds are closed, etc. To record these scenes it is sufficient to place the house the way you want it to be placed and run the recording from any of the touch screens that are strategically placed in the house.

The home automation installation focuses on comfort as well as energy savings, energy savings as is common in these installations by preventing lights from being left on accidentally.

The villa has been prepared to install dehumidification equipment in order to control the climate due to the humidity in the municipality of Tacoronte.

Architecture OPA S.L


Tacoronte, Tenerife



Installations Completed

  • Lighting control
  • Scene control
  • Blinds control