Villa in Residencial Anaga

Residential Villa Anaga KNX

The home automation project in Chalet Residencial Anaga KNX made in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has a lighting control, which has included turning on and off lights in different areas of the residence. Multi-point lighting control through the creation of scenes, which allows the user to define scene settings that allow an area to be illuminated based on the lighting needs and activities taking place in the area. Automatic shutdown system to optimize energy consumption. Intelligent lighting of common areas.
Automatic lighting of outdoor areas according to time and brightness.

The installation in lChalet Residencial Anaga KNX has been carried out with the latest technologies in 2017, in accordance with the KNX standard and the standard system for lighting control Dali ( digital addressable lighting interface). The light output of all lighting points can be controlled.

In addition, a shutter control system has been installed in the Residential Villa Anaga KNX, which raises and lowers the shutters according to the user’s needs. For example, it has been programmed that when you leave the residence, all the blinds will close automatically, in addition to many other functions that we perform with the function, integrated in the living, called Leaving home.

The systems can be controlled from a cell phone, allowing the user to control all functions from anywhere.

Chalet Residencial Anaga KNX has a control system for domestic hot water recirculation.

From the home automation system, the entire audio multiroom system can be controlled. The audio is integrated into the KNX home automation control network, allowing start-stop and volume up and down functions from the same pushbuttons that control the lighting.

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife

Installations Completed

  • Lighting control
  • Scene control
  • Blinds control
  • Web control