Penthouse in Santa Cruz de Tenerife KNX Domotics

KNX home automation Tenerife, lighting dali penthouse in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

knx home automation installation in a penthouse in the Anaga area of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. All existing installations have been monitored at the facility. The dali lighting system behaves in automatic mode depending on the outside light and the presence in specific areas of the house. In addition, all dali lighting is controlled by scenes that can be modified by the owner through the mobile application and that are stored in the home’s push buttons so that they can later be called from those buttons.

The installation in the Santa Cruz Tenerife Penthouse was carried out with the latest technologies in 2017, conforming to the KNX standard and the standard system for dali lighting control.

Within the scenes you can choose the color temperature color, from warm or cool through all its shades.

The communication between dali and knx is done through knx-dali gateways. All the lighting in the Santa Cruz Tenerife penthouse is adjustable in intensity and color temperature from the application of the cell phone as well as from the buttons distributed in the different rooms.

The configuration system is done from the cell phone through the Web server with a simple and intuitive access. As it is a KNX system, the wiring is minimal compared to a conventional installation and the versatility of the installation is total even after completion of the penthouse.

The Santa Cruz Tenerife penthouse has an automated control of the indoor air quality which allows to keep the house ventilated even when it is not inhabited and is completely closed.

In the terrace area, RGBW lighting has been installed which is controlled from the mobile application and which allows to add small shades of color depending on the use that is being given at any given time.

The entire penthouse has been equipped with an audio system with Sonos sources and BOSE speakers.

The air conditioner is fully controlled from the iphone or android app as well as from touch screens placed throughout the house.

In this Santa Cruz Tenerife penthouse the light sources have been designed using the tensioned fabrics which can be regulated in intensity and temperature of cold or warm color.

Architecture by Gumersindo Urquiza Alcorta

Photography by piche


S/C de Tenerife, Tenerife


Gumersindo Urquiza Alcorta

Installations Completed

  • Lighting control
  • Scene control
  • Blinds control
  • Climate control
  • Web control
  • Multiroom audio system
  • Motorized Speakers
  • WIFI network, voice and data