Lighting in the halls of the Hotel Sol Meliá

The project of Inmotics for the lighting in the halls of the Hotel Sol Meliá, located on the island of Tenerife, consists of lighting control, which has included switching off, switching on and dimming of lights.

The installation for the inmotic control and integration of lighting in halls of the Hotel Sol Meliá has been done with the standard system for lighting control Dali ( Digital adressable lighting interface) and standard Lonworks technology.

The installation consists of the control of 30 lighting groups in the halls of the Hotel Sol Meliá, by creating different and diverse scenes designed to suit the events that take place in the halls of the hotel, such as congresses, exhibitions and celebrations.

Using the web server installed in the system, the scenes to be projected are created or configured by the hotel’s technical staff through an html interface from a PC. Within the scenes it is possible to choose and regulate the different intensities of lighting and/or luminaires to be switched on. The correct development of the scenes facilitates the comfort of the rooms depending on the type of event to be held, as well as energy savings due to its correct lighting needs.


Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Installations Completed

  • Lighting control
  • Scene control