Indótica provides building automation or “Intelligent Building” services, which consist of incorporating automated technical management systems into the equipment of tertiary or industrial buildings (office buildings, convention centers, hotels, hospitals, industrial buildings, etc.), with the aim of reducing energy consumption and increasing comfort and safety.

The centralization of the data of the building or complex makes it possible to supervise and control comfortably from a PC, the operating status or alarms of the systems that make up the installation, as well as the main measurement parameters. Therefore, our services provide different benefits depending on the recipient: to the owner it offers a more attractive building while achieving great reductions in energy and operating costs; users significantly improve their comfort and safety; maintenance personnel can prevent flaws or deficiencies through the stored information and the subsequent study of trends; and security personnel see their task facilitated and complemented in order to make it much more efficient. In order to provide services that meet the specific needs of our customers, we work with several systems, including KONNEX (KNX) and LONWORKS, which are the leading standardized systems worldwide.

We have KNX PARTHNER, KNX ADVANCED and KNX TUTOR certifications.

The building automation services we offer are the following:

  • Elevator monitoring.
  • Rational use of air conditioning and lighting.
  • Creation of lighting and musical atmospheres.
  • Pool temperature control.
  • Fire detection systems.
  • Access control, video surveillance.
  • Technical alarms.
  • Failure forecasting.
  • Remote supervision.
  • Detection of improper use.
  • Optimization of human tasks.
  • Wireless systems.
  • Meeting and multimedia rooms.
  • Public address system.
  • Intercommunication.
  • Audio and video distribution in multiple rooms.