Home automation

The term domotics comes from the union of the words “domus” (meaning house in Latin) and “tica” (from automatica, a Greek word, “that works by itself”).

Our services consist of the creation of systems capable of automating a home, providing energy management, security, welfare and communication services, which can be integrated through indoor and outdoor communication networks, wired or wireless, and whose control is performed from a remote terminal (cell phone, personal electronic agenda, laptop, etc.) from inside and outside the home, in order for people to enjoy a better life and, in addition, obtain considerable energy savings.

In order to provide services that meet the specific needs of our customers, we work with several systems, including KONNEX (KNX) and LONWORKS, which are the leading standardized systems worldwide.

We have KNX PARTHNER, KNX ADVANCED and KNX TUTOR certifications.

The home automation services we offer, among others, are the following:

In the field of energy saving:

  • Climate control: scheduling and zoning
  • Electrical management
    • Rationalization of electrical loads: disconnection of non-priority equipment based on electricity consumption.
    • Reduction of the contracted power.
    • Tariff management, deriving the operation of some devices to reduced tariff hours.
    • Use of renewable energies

In the area of comfort level:

  • Lighting
    • General shutdown of all lights in the house.
    • Automation of switching on and off at each light point.
    • Lighting regulation according to the ambient brightness level.
  • Automation of all the different systems, installations or equipment, providing them with efficient and user-friendly control.
  • Integration of the doorman to the telephone.
  • Control via Internet.
  • Multimedia and electronic entertainment management.
  • User-friendly generation of macros and programs.

In the field of heritage protection:

  • Presence simulation.
  • Detection of fire outbreaks, gas leaks, water leaks.
  • Medical alert. Teleassistance.
  • Timely and secure shutter enclosure.
  • Access to IP Cameras.
  • CCTV systems.

In the field of communications:

  • Ubiquity in both external and internal control, remote control from the Internet, PC, wireless controls (e.g. smartphone, Ipad), electrical appliances.
  • Alarm transmission.
  • Intercommunications.