Automatic control of sports courts at Roda Beach and Golf Resort

Indótica has carried out an automation project in Roda Beach & Golf Resort, located in Roda (San Javier), in the Region of Murcia. A project for the automatic control of the tennis and paddle courts has been developed.

By means of a PIN code provided by e-mail to the client after making the court reservation, access to the reserved court is allowed at the agreed time, and the lighting of the court will be turned on automatically if it has been contracted with the reservation.

This system makes it possible to control the limitation of the number of hours that the exterior lights are on and also to prevent unauthorized intrusion on the tracks. Through this project to automate access to the tennis and paddle tennis courts at Roda & Golf Resort, the user is given the convenience of hiring the courts, by not having to do it personally at the resort’s offices at a specific time.


San Javier, Murcia

Installations Completed

  • Automatic and remote track access control
  • Automatic and remote runway lighting control