F.A.Q. Marina San Miguel Hotspot

How do I get access to the Hotspot?

There are two ways you may use this hotspot.

  1. You may signup and pay the amount of the time you wish to use the HotSpot making your payment though PayPal.
  2. You can buy Vouchers at the Marina Main Office. The voucher will have an userid/password and the amount of time you may use the hotspot. Please ask any Marina employee to assist you.
Do I need a PayPal account to Signup?

No, you do not need a PayPal account. You may use any credit card using the PayPal website.

When does the timer start for my access?

The moment you log in for the first time. If you have a voucher, the time will start when use log in using the userid/password provided. Even if you log off, the timer will continue.

When I try to login with my userid I get the message “no valid profile found

The time you have purchased has ended. If you wish to continue, you may buy another voucher or go to http://userpanel/user while connected to the hotspot and purchase more time. Or buy another voucher at the Bar La Marina.

After I pay through Paypal, when I try to log in with my userid I get the message “user < userid > not found

In rare occasions, an error in communication from PayPal back to the Hotspot might occur. In this case please contact Marina employee and give them your userid, email and the amount you paid. We will verify the payment and add the paid amount of time to your userid.

What are the download and upload speeds?

Each user has a maximum download speed of 8 mpbs and an upload speed of 1 mpbs. Speeds  will depend on the signal you receive from one of the base antennas. To help improve your signal, please read our WI-FI Recommendations in Marina San Miguel

Can I get refunded for time not used?

No, you can use all the time you paid for, but we will not refund any time you are not able to use.

How many devices can I connect simultaneously with my username/password?

Only one. If you wish to use another device, you can logoff going to http://hotspot/login and select the Logoff option.

How can I know how much time I have left in the Hotpspot?

Going to http://hotspot/login, it will show how much time you have left.

My connection is slow,  how can I improve my download speeds?

Please read our WI-FI Recommendations in Marina San Miguel to ipprove your download speeds..

If you have any other questions or suggestions, you may contact us HERE